Thursday, November 30, 2006

List of Spring 2007 Premiere Dates

As the fall chapter of this seasonin Television is coming to a close, many are wondering when their favortie show is returning and here is a list of dates I have so far. More to come soon so please check back for updates. Please note that some of the later dates are considered summer premiere dates but I stuck them on here for now. Once I get more and this post become less relevant then I'll make a new list.

December 4 (Monday): Supernanny
December 6 (Wednesday): King of Queens

January 3 (Wednesday): Beauty & the Geek, Deal or No Deal, Top Chef
January 4 (Thursday): CSI, Grey's Anatomy, The OC
January 5 (Friday): Nanny 911
January 7 (Sunday): The Apprentice
January 10 (Wednesday): Friday Night Lights
January 11 (Thursday): Nashville Star
January 14 (Sunday): 24, Rome
January 16 (Tuesday): American Idol
January 17 (Wednesday): One Tree Hill
January 19 (Friday): Monk
January 21 (Sunday): Crossing Jordan, King of the Hill
January 22 (Monday): Heroes, What About Brian
January 23 (Tuesday): Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars
January 29 (Monday): Prison Break
January 30 (Tuesday): Road Rules

February 1 (Wednesday): Top Design
February 5 (Monday): Rules of Engagement
February 7 (Wednesday): Lost
February 8 (Thursday): Survivor Fiji
February 18 (Sunday): Amazing Race All-Stars
February 21 (Tuesday): Jericho
February 26 (Monday): The Black Donelleys
February 28 (tuesday): America's Next Top Model

March 15 (Thursday): October Road
March 20 (Tuesday): Dancing with the Stars
march 23 (Friday): Six Degrees

April 2 (Monday): The Bachelor
April 3 (Tuesday): The Shield
April 8 (Sunday): Entourage, Sopranos
April 10 (Tuesday): RW/RR Inferno 3

May 16 (Wednesday): On the Lot
May 24 (Thursday): So You Think You Can Dance

June 10 (Sunday): The Loop
June 25 (Monday): Hell's Kitchen

June TBD: Big Love, Last Comic Standing, Rescue Me

July TBD: Big Brother

September 30 (Sunday): Dexter

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