Thursday, August 17, 2006

One Tree Hill 4.04 Spoilers

This episode should air in October.

A new girl named Shelly finds Brooke by her locker and asks her to be in the virgins for life club. Brooke has no idea who this girls is until she explains they have a class together and a leader should join Shelly's club. Brooke isn't very thrilled by this idea but asks Shelly what the club does anyway. Shelly explains that they are like regular teens but they don't have sex. Brooke wants to know if Shelly intends to date or not. Shelly says that she is free to go out with guys but isn't giving it away for free. Brooke asks how many people are currently in the club and Shelly says only one. Brooke then declines.

That night, Shelly goes home to her mother named Hope. Shelly wants to go to Tric but Hope says that only bad things happen at clubs. Shelly says she is just trying to fit in and wants to have some fun. Shelly then goes on to explain that she doesn't do normal teenage things and has no friends. Hope isn't budging and thinks that Shelly does not need to worry about those things. Shelly says she wants to be different than her mom was in high school.