Saturday, August 12, 2006

What About Brian 2.03 Spoilers

This episode should air in October.

The episode opens with Adam being thrown in jail. As Adam gets used to his surroundings, the door opens and Brian in thrown in the slammer too. Adam and Brian only exchange dirty looks as we see three days earlier on the screen.

Adam and Jimmy are at work as Adam is trying to stop thinking about Marjorie. Jimmy think he has succeeded but once he leaves the room Adam looks at a photo of Marjorie and then puts it away.

While at a meeting with a marketing executive for Zap Monkey, Dave is sending dirty text messages to Suzanne. Brian is really interested in the meeting and has all sorts of suggestions so he does not notice that Dave is less than involved.

Nicole and Deena are talking about child birth and Deena offers to show Nicole a video of when one of her daughters was born. It seems that Nicole is scared about giving birth and Deena is trying to ease her fears. Nicole considers watching the video but nervously declines.

Adam and Jimmy are interviewing a client about his case when Adam flies off the handle and basically tells the client he has no case. The client storms out and Jimmy is upset at Adam for losing his cool. Jimmy then suggests that Adam talk to Brian about what is bothering him because that's what he would normally do.

It appears that Nicole is babysitting Deena's kids and is having a bit of a rough time connecting with them. Nicole stops and wonders what kind of mom she will be.

Brian and Dave are at a talk show taping for their new video game when they discover that the host is a 14 year old boy named Adam. One the show begins, the kid begins to pepper Dave and Brian with all kinds of difficult questions and criticisms of their new game. Dave tries to defend them as best he can but Brian just sits in disbelief.

While the interview is going on, Deena and Suzanne have a conversation about Dave. Deena thanks Suzanne for supporting Dave and all she has done. Suzanne begins to feel guilty about her affair with Deena.

Adam and Jimmy head to a bar after work and Adam is getting into a shot for shot match with some frat guys. Later on Adam has a confrontation with the frat guys and begins to get beaten up in a fight. Suddenly Brian shows up and enters the mix. Jimmy and the bartender watch from the sidelines and Jimmy explains he isn't in the mood to get beaten up. The bartender says she already called the cops just as they show up.

Dave and Deena are talking at home because Deena has figured out that Dave is having an affair with Suzanne. Deena wants to know if Suzanne was the person Dave selected in the open marriage.