Sunday, August 06, 2006

58th Primetime Emmy Award Odds

There are odds for everything, or so I have found. I thought it was interesting to see the odds for the major categories in this year's Emmys. So courtesy of here are the current odds to win a 2006 Emmy. Please note they are listed from most likely to win to least likely.

Best Comedy Series:
The Office +149
Arrested Development +219
Curb Your Enthusiasm +560
Scrubs +845
Two & Half Men +1150

Best Actor in a Comedy:
Steve Carell -103
Tony Shalhoub +365
Larry David +481
Charlie Sheen +1118
Kevin James +1200

Best Actress in a Comedy:
Jane Kaczmarek +165
Lisa Kudrow +268
Stockard Channing +374
Debra Messing +793
Julia Louise Dreyfus +926

Best Drama Series:
Greys Anatomy -162
House +650
24 +701
The West Wing +943
The Sopranos +1190

Best Actor in a Drama:
Denis Leary +110
Keifer Sutherland +379
Christopher Meloni +522
Peter Krause +622
Martin Sheen +1419

Best Actress in a Drama:
Kyra Sedgwick +287
Geena Davis +292
Allison Janney +394
Frances Conroy +428
Mariska Hargitay +490

My take on these odds: Looks like the drama actress category is the tightest with very similar odds. I don't expect either of the Sheens to win but I was surprised that each were at the bottom of their category. I hope Denis Leary wins for best drama actor but I wasn't expecting him to have the highest odds. I'm also a bit surprised that the Sopranos have the lowest odds for best drama and for Grey's Anatomy to have such high odds. All this makes me wonder why some of these people were nominated if the odds of them winning are so poor. Anyway, its all speculation until the winners are announced on August 27th.