Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Desperate Housewivers 3.04 Spoilers

This episode should air in October.

Lynette is having a confrontation with Parker's little league coach because apparently Parker has been thrown off the team. Lynette says that Parker will quit on his own soon anyway so there would be no harm in reinstating him. The coach professes that he must follow the rules unless Lynette chips in for some new helmets. At first Lynette protests but then gives in.

At the ball park and Parker is back on the team. Lynette is at the concession stands and notices a kid from the opposing team, a pitcher, is having trouble paying for a snack. Lynette pays the balance and then walks with the kid who explains that his dad lost his job and they don't have much money so he doesn't get allowance anymore. Lynette produces a $50 and explains that Parker isn't the greatest hitter on the team.

Gabrielle has called the cops on Carlos and wants him arrested for trespassing in their house. As he is getting handcuffed, Carlos tells the cops that he owns the house and its just his wife who is trying to pull tricks on him because they are getting a divorce. The cops ease up and demand to know from Gabby if this is true. Gabyy gets angry and slaps the cop on the arm and tells him not to take Carlos' side. The cop gets angry now and tells Gabby not to assault him. Gabby doesn't understand and slaps him again on the arm. This does not go over well with the cop. Later on Gabby is talking to her lawyer and tells him Carlos can have the photo albums because they never meant anything to her anyway.

Andrew is at the high school and walks up to a teacher that he recognizes from before. In a flashback we see the teacher trying to pick up Andrew and give him a ride. Back to the confrontation Andrew tries to remind the teacher of that night but the teacher just tells his wife they have to leave immediately.

Susan is still at the hospital taking care of Mike.