Sunday, May 07, 2006

Spoiler Hints for Veronica Mars Finale

Just a couple more spoilers to tide us over until the big Veronica Mars finale on Tuesday. These are the fill in the blank statments that the media has been asked not to reveal about the finale. Michael Ausellio from TV Guide was kind enough to give us the statements in a fill in the blank game. All the spoiler information has been collected and this seems to be the best guess for what we can expect in the finale. The bolded words are filling in the blanks.

1. Weevil is arrested at graduation.

2. Mac tells Veronica that Beaver has made a call.

3. What transpires at the Neptune Grand rooftop.

4. Anything that would indicate that Beaver is the suspect.

5. That Veronica looks at the little league picture and figures out who the missing person is.

6. Anything that reveals that Veronica and Logan are romantically linked at the end of the episode.

7. Keith captures Woody.

8. Vinnie Van Lowe is in jail.

9. Aaron and Kendall have sex.

10. Aaron is killed by Clarence Weidman.

11. Duncan has ordered the hit on Aaron Echolls.

12. Kendall's lawyer tells her she’s rich.

13. Please do not reveal anything of Jackie in New York.

14. Keith fails to show up at the airport and leaves Veronica waiting.