Saturday, May 06, 2006

Rescue Me 3.07 Spoilers

This episode will air July 18, 2006

The episode opens with Jerry arriving at the firehouse and finds out that the crew has been exiled from the building while people from headquarters are doing a porno search. Jerry becomes upset when he sees someone he knows is running the search. Jerry knocks the clipboard out of this man's hands and then Jerry gives him a lecture about how his men save lives and deserve to have access to porn on occasion. But in the end the search turns up nothing and the people from headquarters leave.

Tommy and Colleen are having a meeting with her school therapist. The therapist, Dr. Klien, is getting nowhere with Colleen and she leaves the room. Once Colleen is gone Tommy asks Dr. Klein about a sudden uncontrollable crying condition that Tommy has but is pretending that Colleen is the one who is experiencing it. Tommy rules out the doctor's suggestions of hormones and inability to express emotion and settles on the reason of survivor's guilt. Tommy asks for medication to fix it.

Meanwhile, the crew is at the firehouse and it appears that something has happened that is going to cost at least $1,800 to fix. It seems that a large amount of money is missing. Later on it appears that Birdie took Jerry's money and Tommy is going to come up with something to get it back. Even later we find out that Birdie's car is missing but he still isn't willing to negotiate with Jerry.

A couple of detectives visit Lou. It seems that Candy has been arrested but they need someone to press charges against her or else she will get out of jail. Lou is their last chance to get Candy but Lou wants doesn't want to deal with it. The detectives ask Lou to at least consider it. Later on Lou has decided to stick it to Candy and testify against her.

Maggie and Sean are still trying to have a relationship. It seems that Maggie likes it when Sean is really aggressive so Sean roughs up some stranger on the street to impress Maggie. Later on Sean gets a little too cocky and ends up getting in a scuffle with a guy larger than him and a guy with mace.

Later on Mike is out at a bar and is chatting with a girl named Paula. Chris comes over and threatens Mike not to do anything with Paula. Mike confronts Chris about some underwear he found under the bed but Chris says they don't mean anything. Later that night Mike and Paula are in bed and he confesses that he has been living with Chris and receiving blow jobs but is not gay. Paula then offers to help Mike through his situation.