Sunday, April 30, 2006

What About Brian Unaired Episode A Spoilers

This episode should have been aired next and is episode 104. However, ABC is skipping this one and is showing episode 105 on Monday, May 1st. I guess they really are not spoilers if the episode is never going to air! But, I'm sure you all who watch the show would like the additional information so that when you see 105 it makes sense.

Nicole is helping some band set up for a concert. She is having a discussion with Brian about her marriage to Angelo and if she wants to continue to her marriage if Angelo does not want to have kids. Nicole is apprehensive about doing daily fertility injections in order to get pregnant so she is really conflicted. Dave talks to Suzanne about his open marriage and his concerns about having an affair. Richard and Deena are still continuing their affair as they go to Santa Monica for the day. Once Richard leaves, Deena discovers that she locked her car keys in the hotel room but since her name was not on the reservation the hotel staff won't let her back into the room to get them. Deena calls Nicole and asks for her help to pick up her kids from school and not to tell Dave about anything. Meanwhile, Brian and Adam play a game of basketball with a guy from the gym named Boomer for the right to date the girl Boomer is currently seeing, Lisa. Adam and Brian win the game at the last second and Boomer still thinks that Lisa is going to want to be with him anyway. Later on, Nicole goes to pick up Larissa from school in a limo. The girls then have a great time with Nicole at the concert site but she is a bit overwhelmed. Angelo comes to rescue Nicole and awkwardly takes care of the girls. At the same time, Adam and Marjorie are getting ready for a big dinner with the partners. Before the dinner Marjorie goes to visit Brian at the concert and they get into a fight about who Brian is dating. Then we see Adam alone at the fancy dinner and the partners are upset that they could not meet Marjorie because they want to evaluate the character of their potential partner's personal lives. To make matters worse, Piedmont seems to have the perfect wife and personal life. Just as Adam begins to make excuses for Marjorie's absence, she shows up to save Adam's day. In the end it looks like Brian gets the girl, Lisa.