Monday, May 01, 2006

Desperate Housewives 2.24 Spoilers

This is the second part of the two hour season finale that will air on May 21, 2006.

Susan needs money badly and is pitching a children's book idea about a green jelly bean to a man named Topher. He seems to think the idea is nice but kids won't believe it because they will just want to eat the jelly bean. Susan continues attempting to sell her idea but in the end Topher does not change his mind.

A man, possibly Karl, is shopping for a very large engagement ring.

There is another flashback to when Andrew was young. This time he is 8 years old and brew is making Andrew read a written apology over the intercom at a store after he his caught stealing. At the end of his speech, Andrew says that he hates his mother but not his father.

A female has been checked into a mental hospital, it appears to be either Bree or Felicia. She checked herself in voluntarily but is being treated like a psychopath. She must be restrained by leather straps but tried unsuccessfully to convince an orderly to loosen them. She then has a conversation with a Dr. Barr about how she is not crazy and should not be treated as such.