Sunday, April 30, 2006

Help Your Shows

Its the second round of E!Online's Save One Show poll. The 5 finalists are Veronica Mars, One Tree Hill, Everwood, Supernatural, and What About Brian. The winner of this poll will get a strong campaign from Kristin at E!Online and will make the powers that be at their networks take notice. To vote send an email to and put the name of the one show you want to save in the subject line. Check back here after Friday to find out who the winner is and my thoughts about it. I'm voting for Veronica Mars because she needs your support the most!Get voting!

Just updating this previous story to let you all know that the poll is now closed and the winner has been revealed. Congratualations to One Tree Hill for taking this year's crown. The voting break down is as follows:

One Tree Hill - 44%
Veronica Mars - 32%
Supernatural - 14%
Everwood - 7%
What About Brian - 3%

Updated: 5.07.06