Friday, May 05, 2006

What About Brian Unaired Finale Spoilers

Originally I was hoping to post spoilers for the unaired episode that was supposed to be 107 but the information has since disappeared before I could get it. However, I do have information on what was supposed to happen in the original finale of What About Brain that would be episode 108. Currently its not looking good for a pick up next season of this show so perhaps this can be used as closure.

The episode opens with Dave and Deena hosting a dinner party for the couples Brain & Lisa B and Adam & Marjorie. Both couples are absent and the kids have filled their seats with stuffed animals. Dave and Deena have no idea why everyone is late.

It seems that Marjorie and Adam have had some sort of fight and they are broken up. Marjorie is working straight shifts at the hospital and won't go home, she hasn't been there in 5 days. Later on Adam goes to find Marjorie at the hospital but she had a Dr. Gael drive her to a friend's house. We also find out that Adam does not get the partnership but neither does Piedmont.

Dave sees Richard and starts a fist fight with him. The kids' nanny comes over and breaks it up. Later on Dave comes home with the kids looking pretty bad and has to explain to Deena what happened. It seems that the cops got involved. Dave also gets a huge job offer from Suzanne to leave Zap Monkey and his partnership with Brian. Later on Brian finds out about Dave's job offer and is hurt but seems ok with it. We also find out Dave and Suzanne had an affair but Dave thinks its less hurtful to Denna than hers with Richard because Deena can't visualize Suzanne and Dave together. Dave and Deena are trying to make it work but are having a hard time getting over the affairs.

Meanwhile at work Nicole receives news that a woman named Brenda is going to let Nicole and Angelo adopt her baby. They must rush out of town for the birth of their daughter. Just as the baby is born, the birth father named Caleb comes to see Brenda and tells Nicole and Angelo that they had no reason to come. Caleb pretty much wants Angelo to pay his off so that they can keep the baby. Angelo agrees but calls someone and speaks Italian but its just Brian on the other end. It seems like Brain and Angelo are figuring out a plan.