Friday, May 12, 2006

Survivor Panama Episode 14 (finale) Spoilers

CBS did a nice little trick by not showing us the outcome of the fire making tiebreaker challenge but its very likely that the spoiler I posted yesterday will come true and Cirie will be the one who does not make it to the final 3.

This would confirm my long range spoilers it will be Aras, Terry and Danielle in the final 3. It appears that Aras wins the final 3 endurance immunity challenge on a colored incline and chooses Danielle to go to the finals with him. As for who wins, there was been information for both Aras and Danielle taking home the $million but my money is on Aras. Danielle has a few too many enemies to make the vote come out in her way. The winner on Survivor is always hardest to spoil because very few actually have that information but I'll trust the spoilers on this one and say Aras will be the winner.