Thursday, May 11, 2006

The OC Death

There is rampant speculation about who is going to be the big death on the season finale of the OC next week, That 70's Show is having a 2 hour series finale this week. My information tells that Sandy is going to have a heart attack and will be in bad shape for most of the episode. Weather or not Sandy is the one who dies is another story and one I do not have an answer to. Other theories have come out saying that Marissa is the one who dies from a drug overdose because Mischa Barton is unhappy playing a teen in angst and wants to get her movie career started. Personally I don't think either of these two are going to die. The OC has a tendency to let some characters die but they have never been main ones. With a main cast list so small I doubt they would let either Sandy or Marissa go, although Marissa may not be a series regular next year. My prediction for the big death is that Volchok's stay on the OC will have a dramatic end if you know what I mean.