Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Rescue Me 3.08 Spoilers

This episode will air July 25, 2006.

The episode opens with the crew on a call. Tommy and Lou have a conversation with a police officer Lt. John Stackhouse, Stack for short. They give each other just general pleasantries and friendly ribbing.

Later on Lou is drunk at a bar being pretty miserable. Mike is there too as they continue to drink. Meanwhile, Tommy is at the hockey rink still sobbing away. The guys at the rink think he is nuts.

Maggie and Sean are talking about getting married. Maggie wants to elope and just go down to city hall but Sean gets a little sentimental and actually wants a wedding. Another wedding is taking place as well. This one is Teddy and his conjugal visit bride named Ellie. Tommy is at the ceremony that takes place at the prison. Since Ellie does not have any family, it is her ex prison husband named Snake to walk her down the aisle. Ellie divorced Sanke once he got off of death row and became a free man. Snake is still upset about Ellie leaving him and he keeps making snide comments during the ceremony. Teddy gets upset and has a scuffle with Sanke. That promptly ends the ceremony and Teddy loses his conjugal "wedding night" visit but makes sure they are hitched before going back to his cell. It seems Ellie will be back the following week.

Meanwhile, Lou for some reason has just found an abundance of happiness and spies a couple going into what looks like a regular gym. When Lou gets inside he sees that it is an Asian style yoga gym. A yoga instructor named Epiphany greets Lou and offers a free workout. Lou thinks yoga will be easy but soon will find out he does not know what he got himself into.

At the same time, Franco goes into a bar hoping to meet a chick to take home for one night. Instead he meets someone named Nicole who he really likes. The end up in the sack later on and Franco is surprised at his feelings of intimacy and honesty. Nicole gets up to use the restroom and finds Keela's room instead. Keela's room is still just the way it was left in episode 5, it seems something has happened to Keela.

Mike and Chris seem to be having a rough spot in their relationship. Mike isn't honest to Chris about what he is doing but at the same time Chris is having an affair with some neighbor guy.

Tommy is having issues of his own as Angie has some guy named Sebastian beat him up. Angie is also upset that Tommy told Johnny to divorce her. Later on Tommy goes to visit Stack in the hospital. It seems that something went very wrong on a call and he is in the burn unit with both legs missing. The episode ends with Tommy at Stack's bedside.