Friday, March 03, 2006

7th Heaven Series Finale Spoilers

Spoilers are already available for the finale (episode 21 & 22) of 7th Heaven.

Rose's family is in town for the wedding. Rose has revealed that she may be pregnant but her family is skeptical of the wedding and supposed pregnancy. The rehearsal dinner is at the Hotel and it is revealed that Simon and Rose changed their wedding plans to accommodate Matt graduating from medical school.

Later on we learn that Simon and Rose did not go through with the wedding but there still is a celebration in the backyard. Rose is dancing with Umberto and Simon seems to think that they make a nice couple. Matt reveals that him and Sarah are expecting twins, Lucy chimes in that her and Kevin are expecting twin boys as well, and then Carlos divulges that him and Mary have reconciled and they are having twin girls. Meanwhile, a Scottish boy Paul is romancing Ruthie. Sandy and the baby also appear.

This just in: Jessica Biel will make an appearance in the finale! Perhaps to deliver the good news herself. I'm so glad to hear that Jessica has decided to come back one more time. It is a nice way to say thank you to the fans.

Updated 4.5.06