Monday, February 27, 2006

First Post

Welcome everyone to my blog! This is my first shot at trying to put my thoughts together and communicate it to the masses. It is going to be a huge learning experience for me but I hope that you all will enjoy it. Please let me know what I can do better to make this easier for you all to enjoy.

The main purpose of this blog is to share with everyone all the TV information and spoilers I uncover. Television is one of my passions and hope to share that with you all as well as my thoughts on some of my favorite shows. Another one of my passions is sports, particularly the NFL and NHL. My goal is to offer some content on these subjects as well.

I'll say this right now that my blog is intended to be a spoiler site for television. So, please don't be surprised or upset if you find spoilers here. I would also like to tell you which shows you can expect to find spoilers about. First and foremost, my favorite show is Veronica Mars and I'll be talking a lot about this show. I also follow Gilmore Girls, The OC, Desprerate Housewives, 7th Heaven and Rescue Me in addition to many other reality shows that I will cover from time to time.

I also want to point out that some of you may know me as queenjacyln or as tigervixxxen. Since I wanted to accomodate both of my aliases, I chose to name this blog QueenTigerVixxxen. A little obnoxious, I know! But I figured if you can't have fun on a blog then you can't have fun anywhere!

With that, here goes my first post and I hope to have some spoilers up for you all shortly.