Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Real World 18

Can you believe that the Real World Key West is already the 17th season of this series? I'll admit that I still watch it because it is a guilty pleasure and I have to pay respect to one of the original reality TV shows.

That being said, the locations of the Real World are just about as interesting to me as the people on the show. I love how this reality TV franchise changes locations each season and we get to learn more about a bunch of different cities. I wish the show would focus more on the culture and feel of each city.

I have uncovered some rumors that the next season of the Real World will be filmed in Detroit and has the group working on Super Bowl XL. I really hope this rumor turns out to be true because the Super Bowl would actually be an interesting job for the cast to have and I would really look forward to watching it. However another tidbit I read states that the next season will not be filmed until April-June of this year and this would falsify the Super Bowl rumor.

Some other mentioned cities for the Real World are Atlanta and Washington DC. Although there is not nearly as much information floating around about these locations as Detroit. We'll just have to wait and see what materializes.

Updated 4.10.06

In a surprising turn of events, MTV announced today that the 18th season of the Real World will be filmed in Denver. I'm not sure what happened to Detroit but I'll let you know if I come across anything. Further updates on this topic will be brought to the front page.