Saturday, March 04, 2006

NFC Odds to win Super Bowl XLI

What a better way to hold us over until the 2006 season of the NFL than to take a peek at the odds to win Super Bowl XLI. Here are the current NFC odds on AFC odds following in next post.

10-1 Seattle Seahawks
13-1 Carolina Panthers
18-1 Chicago Bears
18-1 Washington Redskins
20-1 Dallas Cowboys
20-1 New York Giants
28-1 Philadelphia Eagles
30-1 Atlanta Falcons
30-1 Minnesota Vikings
30-1 Tampa Bay Bucs
55-1 Arizona Cardinals
55-1 Green Bay Packers
55-1 St. Louis Rams
90-1 Detroit Lions
100-1 New Orleans Saints
175-1 San Francisco 49ers

My take on these odds: Comparatively to the AFC, the NFC isn't expected to do much. Seattle is the lowest at 10-1 and will find a tough time making it back to the Super Bowl. Its hard to imagine New Orleans having a better shot than any team making it to the big game and I expect San Francisco to improve. These teams should switch places by the start of the season. Minnesota is a bit generous at 30-1 as they are clearly not on the same level as Atlanta and Tampa Bay. My pick of this bunch is Tampa Bay with odds at 30-1. They were a division winner in 2005 and should improve to make a serious shot at the Super Bowl, these odds are terrific.