Saturday, March 04, 2006

AFC Odds to win Super Bowl XLI

Continuing from my previous post, here are the Super Bowl odds from for the AFC.

9-2 Indianapolis Colts
5-1 New England Patriots
8-1 Pittsburgh Steelers
10-1 San Diego Chargers
12-1 Denver Broncos
18-1 Kansas City Chiefs
20-1 Cincinnati Bengals
22-1 Miami Dolphins
30-1 Jacksonville Jaguars
35-1 Baltimore Ravens
50-1 Oakland Raiders
90-1 Cleveland Browns
90-1 New York Jets
100-1 Buffalo Bills
100-1 Houston Texans
100-1 Tennessee Titans

My take on these odds: I'm offended that San Diego has a better shot at the Super Bowl than the Broncos. 10-1 is a bit generous for a team that should go with an inexperienced QB. New England and Indianapolis are more favored than they should be. I like Miami to improve in 2006 but odds at 22-1 is insane. Its hilarious that Buffalo and Tennessee have fallen to the same level as Houston but I see those odds moving lower as the season approaches. My pick of the AFC is a great bet at 30-1 on Jacksonville. They were a player away from serious contention last season and these odds are great.