Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Desperate Housewives 3.14 Spoilers

This episode will air February 11, 2007.

Gabby is having dinner with a man named Luke who is Zach's lawyer. During the meal Luke receives a message from Zach in the form of a letter telling him to stay away from Gabby. Luke decides to comply once Gabby puts the moves on him.

Orson is at the hospital with Bree. The doctor says that Bree suffered some injuries from her fall but should be fine after one night's stay. Orson and Andrew leave the room as Andrew confronts Orson and asks if he had anything to do with Bree's fall. Orson swears he did not but Andrew threatens to go back to his old ways if he finds out Orson had anything to hide. Andrew then tells the nurses to keep an eye on Orson when he is alone with Bree.

Mike goes to a hypnotist in order to help him regain some lost memories, specifically about Monique. Things don't seem to be working well, at least initially. Mike then later goes over to the Hodge house to find Orson. Danielle tells him that Orson is at the hospital.

Susan is at Jane's funeral and over hears two women talking about Ian's new found single hood. Both of the women are interested in perusing Ian. They finally notice Susan who says she couldn't help but hear but says that this isn't the best time to discuss Ian's love life. The women say they just want Ian to be happy and ask Susan who she is. Susan just says she is a friend of Ian's but then changes her mind and admits to seeing Ian for a while. The women are appalled and accuse Susan for stealing a married man while they were properly waiting for Jane to die. Then the service begins but one of the women, Lynn, stands up and outs Susan and Ian's relationship. Susan becomes very upset and leaves, Ian follows.

3 EMTs see someone fall out of the trees at the hospital.