Friday, February 02, 2007

One Tree Hill Upcoming Spoilers

Finally some episodic spoilers on One Tree Hill! I know they are a little few and far between but feast away below:

In 4.13 the group will be paired up for a school assignment that will give new insight into the characters. The pairs are Chase & Brooke, Glenda & Lucas, Nathan & Peyton, Rachel & Bevin, Skills & Haley. Haley will also feel the baby move as Nathan worried about being a father.

In 4.14 everyone will learn that when Peyton and Nathan were together that he hooked up with Brooke. There will be evidence on a video tape that gets seen my mistake, the tape is supposed to have some basketball footage of Nathan. Brooke's excuse is that she was drunk and thought it never happened.

In 4.15 it is the prom episode. Peyton gets very angry at Brooke over the tape with Nathan and calls her a hypocrite because the way Brooke has treated her with the Lucas situation. Peyton gets so angry at Brooke that she hits her. Lucas and Peyton get close to going all the way but don't. Haley gets very upset at Nathan over something, not sure if it the Brooke situation or not.

In 4.16 it sounds like Nathan and Haley are broken up. Peyton and Lucas take Nathan out of town to get his mind off of things while a large storm is set to hit town. They end up crashing another school's prom. Peyton and Lucas might finally have their "moment" in a motel room.

In 4.17 Supposedly Chris Keller returns to Tree Hill in this episode. Brooke and Peyton being to work on mending their friendship.

Updated 3.1.07