Thursday, January 25, 2007

Rescue Me 4.01 Spoilers

This episode should air in summer of 2007.

The episode opens with Jerry jogging, who has apparently recovered from his stroke. Jerry is pretty happy and stops to pet a dog who then bites his hand, the owner offers no apologies. Then we see Lou at an early mass and still with the nun Theresa, who seems to have left her duties as one. We find out that they are only at church to sneak sex during mass because it thrills Theresa.

Franco is still with Natalie and appears to be living with her and Richie at Natalie's place.

Cousin Eddie is at a doctor's office going over some blood test results that are "positive". There is also a shot of Sheila's life insurance policy with Tommy's name on it. This information seems to satisfy Eddie.

Tommy is at the firehouse and is on the phone with Janet who had had the baby. Tommy is giving Janet advice about adding a little medicine in the baby's bottle to calm him down. Janet isn't sure this is the best idea but Tommy assures her that its fine and if she were breastfeeding she'd be passing medicines on to the baby anyway. Janet hangs up as she mentions they still have no heat in the place. Everyone at the firehouse is giving Tommy strange looks.

The crew arrives on a call at an empty warehouse where a guy tells Lou that there is a group of cats stuck at the top and need to be rescued. While on the call, Tommy and Sean discuss Maggie's taste in porn, which usually ran other men away.

Tommy is talking with the guys about how he hasn't had sex in a while because of all the baby stuff and they have no hot water in the house. A guy named Espo (new guy perhaps?) tells the guys that the basketball hoops have arrived as he is turning the basement into a full basketball court. Tommy isn't happy because he thought they were going to do a hockey rink and a work out area instead. They all tell Tommy that it was decided in a vote they had that Tommy was too distracted to be aware of. Then Tommy finds the remnants of the baby boy naming pool that the guys had, looks like James was the favorite among the guys.