Sunday, January 21, 2007

The OC 2.16 Spoilers

This episode will air February 22, 2007 and is the series finale.

I have to start off this post by saying that the season finale spoilers on the OC have usually been very wrong, as the writers like to write up some fiction to lead the spoilers in the wrong direction. However, nothing in these spoilers to follow is too earth shattering and does not give away the ending or anything like that, so I'm going to have faith that these are going to be accurate.

Taylor is at the airport and talking to a customs agent. The agent asks her if she is there for business or pleasure and Taylor has a very long answer about how its both business and pleasure. Taylor mentions how she is on the other side of the Atlantic ocean at this point and is there for a funeral.

Veronica is talking with a building inspector at her house about the some damage the house has received. The inspector tells Veronica that the house is too damaged to be repaired and she will either need to sell the lot or rebuild. Veronica does not seem to understand this and thinks money will change the inspector's mind.

Taylor and Veronica are at a house in San Diego, apparently a house that they had live in before. Both the ladies seem to think that the person who currently occupies the house is going to let them buy back the house. This guy is named Patrick and he says he isn't going to move. Taylor mentions how her handprints are in the concrete and this softens Patrick up a bit but he still isn't budging.

A young southern guy who is a lot like Bullitt hits on Kaitlin. She isn't that impressed and the guy retreats.