Tuesday, September 05, 2006

NFL Regular Season Win Lines

In honor of the NFL season beginnning TOMORROW I thought post the odds for regular season wins courtesy of pinnacol sports and my thoughts following. Note that all numbers are regular season wins.

ARZ 8 ATL 8.5
BAL 7.5 BUF 6.5
CAR 10 CHI 9.5
CIN 8.5 CLE 6.5
DAL 9.5 DEN 10
DET 6.5 GB 6.5
HOU 5.5 IND 11.5
JAX 9.5 KC 9.5
NE 10.5 NO 7
NYG 8.5 NYJ 6
OAK 6 PHI 8.5
PIT 9.5 SD 9
SEA 10.5 SF 5
STL 7 TB 8.5
TEN 5.5 WAS 9

My take: Most numbers are right on and could go either way. Some high ones I think are New England at 10.5, Kansas City at 9.5 and Indianapolis at 11.5. I think all 3 are going to be good teams but they will have to play very well to reach these goals. Buffalo at 6.5 and Baltimore at 7.5 look too high to me as well. As far as those teams who are undervalued are Tampa Bay and Cincinnati at only 8.5. Then of course there is the Broncos who have one of the highest lines at 10 but I still think they will win more than that.

Enjoy the first day of football! Its a holiday! Celebrate!