Saturday, September 09, 2006

Big Brother 7: Week 10

Since we are in the end game stage in the Big Brother season things moved quickly in the house and most of the action was saved for the live show. Here is a recap of what went down.

Janelle chose to evict Will over Erika because she finally compared notes with Erika and realized that Will would never take her to the finals. Then the three part HOH began. Boogie chose to leave the endurance competition right away and this startled Janelle enough for her to take her hand off the key. Erika thus won part 1. Part 2 was a timed event and Boogie best Janelle's time by half largely due to his upper body strength. Then it was a Q&A for part 3 where Boogie beat Erika by several questions. Boogie chose to eliminate Janelle because she is too great of a competitor and has a lot of friends on the jury. Boogie and Erika are the final 2.

Spoilers for this game are non existent at this point but I can offer you what's going on in the house. It looks like Erika wants to continue the showmance and Boogie is engaging but trying to keep his distance.

On Saturday the jury addressed their questions and comments to the final two. Its hard to determine who will get the most votes from the jury because both Boogie and Erika got some harsh questions. Erika in particular is upset at Janelle's behavior.

Right now its a toss up as to who will get the $500k from the jury. I personally think Boogie will win it because he did play the game the best and there seemed to be some hostility toward Erika from the jury. Also, Erika has gotten quite full of herself these past few days and claims that she got rid of the strongest player in the house (Will) on her own and orchastrated everyone's eviction as well. Erika also goes on to say that she would have "smoked" Janelle in the finals and that Janelle only won the competitions that were thrown to her. Boogie got quite irritated with all of this and had the final straw when Erika said that Will was the brains behind Chill Town. Boogie removed himself from the situation before they got into a fight but clearly the showmance is over.