Sunday, September 10, 2006

7th Heaven 11.08 Spoilers

This episode should air in November.

Jane is at the burger shack talking to T-Bone and Margaret about telling the town that Eric is ill. Jane doesn't think anyone will find out it was her who spilled the secret. T-Bone's mother Janine approaches and T-Bone does not give her as warm of a welcome as she would like. It appears that T-Bone is trying to get emancipated from Janine. T-Bone and Janine break from the group and talk.

Lucy is talking to the twins and tells them that everything will be fine and that they will stick together and take care of their father until he gets better. The boys agree.

T-Bone and Janine talk as he explains the reasoning behind the emancipation. It seems that Janine hasn't been the best mother and T-Bone has been taking care of himself for quite sometime anyway. Janine agrees to sign the documents and T-Bone says that he will stay at the Camdens as long as he can. Janine wonders about Eric's health and how that will affect T-Bone's stay there but T-Bone assures her that Eric will be fine. Janine leaves as Jane and Margaret approach. Jane apologizes fro calling Janine but T-Bone says it worked out ok.

Back at the Camden house Janine is talking to Kevin and Lucy explaining how she left T-Bone alone when she went to Vegas because he did not want to come with her. They say that T-Bone had no idea where Janine went was the problem. Janine looks at Kevin and says that he looks familiar. Kevin says that he used to be a cop and he think he threw her in jail once before. Lucy asks if Janine is a hooker to which Janine denies. They suggest that Janine give T-Bone his emancipation because it would be in the best interest for both of them. Just then all the cell phones and house phone begins ringing and Lucy exits to answer it. Lucy has to explain to the person on the other line that Eric is away visiting Ruthie and not doing some medical treatment. It seems that word has gotten out about Eric's illness after all.