Monday, September 11, 2006

Rockstar Supernova Tuesday Show Spoilers

Its the last week of Rockstar Supernova and I know the anticipation is building so I can offer a spoiler as to what happened at yesterday's taping of the Tuesday performance show.

Four Rockers are left and they each sing two songs again. They get to do their original song from last week. Lukas sings Headspin again but he changes the arrangement to a more acoustic version. As for the covers, they all got to choose from all the sings performed on the show over the course of the season with a few new ones thrown in. Everyone except Dilana chose a new song as she chose to sing Roxanne . Toby does Karma Police by Radiohead, Lukas sings Fix You by Coldplay and Magni performs Hush by Deep Purple. As for the fan favorite encore, I am pleased to announce that my boy Ryan Star wins it and performs his Back of Your Car again and also wins a Honda in the process.