Saturday, September 16, 2006

Project Runway Final Four

Spring fashion week is underway in New York and the third season of Project Runway's final four have shown their collections on the catwalk.

All four designers were asked to create a collection to display during fashion week as to conceal the final three from the public. Each contestant will have a collection with approxomately 12 designs. Rumor has it that all four designers were still in the competition when they showed their collections this week.

Project Runway will be in reruns on September 20th and will return with a new epiosde on September 27th, most likely the fashion week episode with the final four.

I thought you all might be interested in what each of the four designers' collection look like. I think they all did a great job and reflect each of thier own person styles. So here they are in rank order of my favorite: Jeffery (left), Laura (right), Michael (left), and Uli (right).

I'm predicting Michael as the winner only because he has been so consitsent. All of the final four are grest designers. I personally have grown to love Jeffery in recent weeks but would be very happy if Michael won. We'll wait and see how it all turns out!