Thursday, November 16, 2006

What About Brian 2.11

This episode should air early 2007.

Adam and Heather are talking to a cop about what appears to be a burglary at Adam's house. Heather says that she thinks a guy named Schmitty who is upset she quit being a dancer becuase they found a dollar shaped like an "S" at the crime scene and that what he used to give Heather at the club. Adam is upset about his missing TV and does nto want to hear any more details about Heather's job. The cop says he'll do what he can but isn't optimistic that Adam's TV will be found.

Nicole and Brian are talking at her house, apparently Brian is finally happy. Nicole gets ready to go to the store while Brian watches the baby girl named Bella. While Nicole is at the store she spots a couple that is about her age and who are clearly heading back home for a romntic evening. The cashier makes some comment to Nicole about her looking like a wreck and Nicole heads home. Back at the house Brian is trying to calm down a fussy Bella and a pacifier does the trick, Brian says that its his special trick.

Dave and Deena are at home with the girls who are painitng works of art. Geneva mentions something that she heard Roxanne say and Deena isn't to pleased to hear that.