Friday, April 28, 2006

What About Brian Episode 5 (finale) Spoilers

Like I said in my previous post that this is actually episode 106 since ABC is skipping 104 but I'm calling it episode 5 because that is what everyone knows it as. In addition, I have spoilers available for 107 and 108 which will not be shown this season. If What About Brian gets picked up for next season we may see those 3 missing episodes but I'll go ahead and post about them in the near future anyway.

This episode will air on May 8, 2006.

Dave, Brian, Adam and Angelo are at a Girl Scout car wash. While getting Dave's minivan washed they are all in the vehicle and are looking at a video on the flip down DVD monitors. The video appears to be from last episode's birthday party but the guys are more interested in a fight that was caught on camera. Dave is concerned about the fight because it appears that it involves Deena and some other man. The guys seem to think that nobody would have a fight like that intense unless something else was going on. Meanwhile, Deena and Richard talk at the park and he apologizes for showing up to the party but he was just trying to act natural. Deena then talks about how happy she was to see Richard so she starts to forgive him.