Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Survivor Panama Episode 11 Spoilers

Its win a car time on Survivor as the reward challenge splits the 6 remaining tribemates in to 2 teams. Those teams are Aras, Cirie and Shane against Courtney, Danielle and Terry. It appears that the latter group wins the first portion of the challenge. Of course it is Terry who prevails and wins the second part against the two ladies and gets to take the car home. It is assumed that Danielle and Courtney drive away with Terry in his new car for the second part of the reward, most likely some food and a chance to clean up. Aras is the one who is sent to Exile Island by Terry's choice. That leaves Cirie and Shane back at camp and it looks like Cirie does a great job at fishing and brings home a huge catch. The immunity challenge this week is another endurance one with everyone kneeling on a platform and having to hold a lever that keeps them out of the water. Terry appears to win immunity again, forcing the Casayas to pick one of them to go home. In the end its Courtney who gets the sort end of the stick. Can't wait to see how that decision develops.