Thursday, April 27, 2006

What About Brian Episode 4 Spoilers

Please note that this actually should be episode 5 but for some reason ABC is skipping the real episode #104. I'll post the unaired episodes at a later time.

Marjorie and Adam are shopping for place settings at Crate and Barrel but they can't seem to come to agreement on anything. Dave is planning for a birthday party and is having some issues at a costume shop who then proceeds to offends a lot of people in the store. Dave asked for Barney but it is unavailable then has to take the only costume left which is a Stegosaurus named Stan. Meanwhile, Brian and Lisa are having some fun in the shower. Later on, Dave is trying to get the party ready but Deena is at the store so he has to take care of everything himself. Dave is also instant messaging with a woman named Suzanne at the same time. Then Dave has to deal with a power outage due to an inflatable bouncy that is being set up on his lawn. Deena gets home just in time to save the day.