Monday, April 24, 2006

What About Brian Episode 3 Spoilers

I realize that this episode is airing tonight but it took me a while to catch up on things. I'll try to get to some more episodes from this show posted later on this week!

The episode will air on April 24, 2006.

Its moving day as Marjorie and Adam are moving in together. They both get caught at a store trying to "borrow" some boxes for their move. Marjorie has some problems with her movers and is worried about what is going to happen to her stuff that is sitting in the street if they don't come. Adam calls Brian to help Marjorie but Dave and Adam end up helping as well. Later on Marjorie confronts Adam about his night with Lisa. Brian also fixes the broken down moving truck. After all the moving is completed and everyone has left, Brian and Marjorie have a moment but nothing comes out of it, they can just both feel the feelings between them.

Adam is also working very hard to make partner. Adam's nemesis, Piedmont suggests that they work together on the big Bowers case. Adam refuses and ends up meeting D.B. Bowers and they get to talking and bond over Adam's mishaps but D.B. tries to talk Adam out of marriage and convinces him to slow things down.

Meanwhile, Brian and Dave are having a meeting about their gaming company and Dave is trying to get Brian's mind off of the ladies. In the end, the meeting does go well but Dave and Brian anxiously await a phone call all day. They end up not getting the phone call and over analyze the reasons for their failure.

Deena is trying to get Larissa to go to the park and makes a deal with her. But before leaving Larissa throws up on Deena. After making Larissa feel better, Deena goes to the park with the kids to have another meeting with Richard but they end up missing eachother by seconds. Later on Deena and Nicole talk about children and how each has the better luck and situation. After her talk with Nicole, Denna ignores a call from Richard and instead focuses on Dave.