Friday, March 17, 2006

NFL Trades & Moves

After the first burst of crazy moves and trades in the NFL, I'll discuss each of the more important trades and offer my thoughts on what they mean long term. I'm sure that there will be some more moves to come (and don't forget the draft!) so there will be plenty more to discuss while we wait for football season to arrive.

Edgerrin James to the Arizona Cardinals: This is exactly what the franchise needed because the deal generates some positive energy and buzz. Edge will help out a run game that was very poor in 2005. I like this move for a number of reasons. Arizona needs some veteran talent to compliment their two outstanding receivers Boldin and Fitzgerald. The offense will be a force to be reckoned with and will bring some legitimate hope to the state. Plus, any move that makes the Indianapolis Colts weaker, I'm all for it. Good luck with Dominic Rhodes.

Drew Brees to the New Orleans Saints: This is another great move for a disheartened franchise. New Orleans was always lacking a strong leader and consistent QB. Brees will help spark the offense and put attention on New Orleans for the right reasons in 2006. I was a little surprised that Brees chose New Orleans over the Miami Dolphins but in the end money talked. I like this move because they make another Broncos nemesis the San Deigo Chargers weaker. Good luck with Philip Rivers.

Daunte Culpepper to the Miami Dolphins: A curious move but one that makes sense on paper. Miami hasn't had a halfway decent QB since Marino left. There are millions of questions surrounding Culpepper's heath, attitude and skill but he is a huge upgrade at the position and will help improve the Dolphins in 2006. If this move helps Miami challenge my most hated team the New England Patriots for the AFC East crown then I will personally send him a thank you note. Losing an awful lot of those Super Bowl stars, aren't you Billy?

Terrell Owens to ???: I thought the answer to this question would have been known by now but it seems like everyone in the league is scared to take a chance on Owens. Or perhaps the teams are just leveraging to pay T.O. less money. Either way Owens should land somewhere soon and signs are pointing to the Dallas Cowboys. Currently they have no number one receiver after releasing Keyshawn Johnson and are the type of team to take on big egos. I like the fit and I think Owens would do well in Dallas. There has been some rumor that my Denver Broncos are interested but since Shanahan usually gets what he wants when he wants it this deal isn't going to happen. I'm personally a fan of T.O. because the man is an amazing receiver and he would help the Broncos offense a lot but I can accept that its not the right fit for the team. Just as long as T.O. does not go to the Kansas City Chiefs, another division rival of the Broncos. They are being unsuccessful just fine with Eddie "I'm a quitter" Kennison.