Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Veronica Mars 2.20 Spoilers

This episode will air on April 25, 2006.

Spoilage has been updated. The last paragraph contains information that I received and suspected to be a foiler. However since the information closely matches the official episode description and I have been hearing it from multiple sources, I decided to add it. Read at your own risk!

An unnamed girl is at the doctor when she discovers that she has contracted an STD from her one and only partner. It appears now that this girl is none other than Veronica. Keith helps Woody with a woman he is seeing. Keith also investiagtes Kendall and things turn ugly. Gia thinks she is being stalked and asks Veronica for help. Veronica is still investigating the bus crash, even Weevil is a suspect. Principal Clemons cancels prom because of underage drinking problems that happened on the senior trip. However, Logan hosts an alternative prom at the penthouse. Wallace goes to the prom with Jackie and she finally gives in to Wallace's advances. Mac goes to the prom with Butters (Principal Clemons' son). The town of Neptune votes on the incorporation issue.

Now on to the rumors: Logan tells Veronica that losing Hannah was hard but not as devastating as loosing her and then asks Veronica for a second chance. Veronica fells the same way and as they are about to kiss something pulls them apart. While drunk and upset, Logan calls Kendall over to his place. Veronica stops by the next day and wants to apologize and take Logan up on his offer but she discovers that Logan does not remember that last night and Veronica sees an almost nude Kendall in Logan's suite.

Updated 4.7.06, 4.11.06