Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Veronica Mars 2.19 Spoilers

This episode will air on April 18, 2006.

The episode opens with Veronica in an interrogation room. Aaron Echoll's lawyer and Cliff are there at a deposition where Veronica is describing the Aaron-Lilly sex tapes. Aaron's lawyer get a bit hostile with Veronica and asks her if she is still in touch with Duncan. Her answer is not known.

A student named Harry finds Veronica at school and asks her for help finding who ran over his dog. Veronica begins looking for a drunk in a green Barracuda but the investigation takes a turn when she discovers that Harry's younger brother Billy is involved with the PCHers.

Meanwhile, Keith's investigations lead him to find something in a yearbook. Keith also get involved in Kendall's history. Wallace asks Jackie to prom and she accepts. Jackie also want to ger a job at Java the Hut. Hector is scared people are going to die and makes a plea to Weevil. Lockers are searched at school and Veronica works on the school newspaper.

Updated 4.3.06