Monday, March 13, 2006

American Idol Final 12 Odds

Now that American Idol is down to its top 12 contestants, we can really get a feel for who is going to win the show and who we don't want standing at the end. I have dug up some odds at to see who are the favorites to win.

2-1 Chris Daughetry
4-1 Katherine McPhee
5-1 Ace Young
6-1 Mandisa
6-1 Taylor Hicks
7-1 Kellie Pickler
7-1 Paris Bennett
8-1 Lisa Tucker
10-1 Elliot Yamin
40-1 Kevin Covais
40-1 Melissa McGhee
50-1 Bucky Covington

My take on these odds: Chris is my favorite to win and I hope he wins so the 2-1 odds make me happy. However, early favorites never thrive on AI and I'm afraid Simon is going to beat Chris down. I predict he will make top 4 along with Ace, Elliot and Katherine. At 7-1 Kellie is a bit too generous and at 6-1 Taylor is too. My darkhorse is Elliot with 10-1 odds who has a good shot at making the final 4. Melissa and Bucky will be gone soon. Kevin will stick around longer than you expect but won't make the final 4. I'll update the odds and make a winners prediction once the final 4 are set.