Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Gilmore Girls 6.20 Spoilers

This episode should air April 25, 2006.

Luke hosts a birthday party for April at the diner but when he realizes that the girls are not having much fun, Luke calls Lorelei for help. Lorelei comes to the diner and sees April again for the first time, they share a little moment. Then, Lorelei takes charge and leads the girls to the Inn but not before a stop to the beauty supply store. While at the Inn, Lorelei plans a ton of activities that all the girls would enjoy and Luke is really surprised. Lorelei even replaces the "horrid kitty cat toiletry kit" that Luke picked out with a more meaningful and fitting gift. April is really appreciative and gives Luke a big hug. Luke in turn thanks Lorelei.

Rory arrives at the hospital looking for Logan, who just had a serious accident. Logan is in the ICU but the nurses won't give Rory any information because she is not a family member but Rory does say that she is his girlfriend. After Rory gets Paris to call the doctor at the hospital, Rory learns that Logan has a collapsed lung, broken ankle, concussion and multiple contusions. Colin and Finn are the the hospital but are no help, in fact they are pretty impressed with Logan's accident. Later on Logan is out of the ICU and wakes up.