Saturday, March 18, 2006

The OC 3.22 Spoilers

This episode will air in April, 2006. Please note that The OC will have 25 episodes in season 3.

Dr. Roberts asks Julie to throw a party with Sandy and Kirsten. They are still engaged but not married yet.

Ryan is at Berkeley for a pre college visit. Ryan is hanging out with a freshman sponsor Wes and seems to really fit in there. Out of coincidence Marissa runs into Ryan there. It appears that Marissa has broken up with Volchok. Marissa and Ryan are still awkward with each other but are trying to be friendly. Marissa and Wes hit it off well and get cozy but Marissa leaves when she finds out what those guys are in to.

Seth and Summer are both visiting Brown. They too, are still broken up and coincidentally run into each other there. Seth ran in to Anna at Brown as well. Once Summer sees Anna and Seth hanging out she assumes the worst. It appears that Summer and Seth have been having troubles ever since their acceptance letters were received (ep. 3.20). It also appears that Seth has lied about his rejection to Brown, and took the trip Brown in order to convince the admissions officer, Dr. Overbee, to make a special consideration to let him in. Things do not work out in Seth's favor. Anna helps Seth sort things out.

One Ryan returns from Berkeley, Kirsten tells him that she saw Theresa with a baby. Kirsten has done some "detective work" and gives Ryan Theresa's address. Ryan goes to visit Theresa but she is not home, he learns that the baby is in fact hers. Ryan consults Seth on what to do next.