Monday, March 13, 2006

Veronica Mars 2.18 Spoilers

This episode will air on April 11, 2006.

Veronica has a series of disturbing dreams that place her on the bus that crashed as she talks to all the kids who died. Among them are Betina (who had a relationship with Dick), Rhonda (who left the message on Michelle' s phone we saw in 2.05), Peter (a gay student), and Cervando.

Veronica finds out that she has lost the lead for the Kane scholarship to a girl named Angie. The recalculation was due to an expensive "summer at sea" course Angie took. Later we learn that Angie has been accepted to Stanford as has Veronica.

Veronica learns that Cervando and Beaver were in summer school together. In a flashback, Cervando tells the story of how he hustled Liam Fitzpatrick during a game of pool and bought some new expensive clothes. Dick ruins Cervando's new jeans and then Cervando takes it out on Beaver.

During a flashback makeout scene in the Xterra between Veronica and Logan, we meet Lucky who appears to be a janitor at Neptune High. He is friends with Logan and Dick. Later on in present time Veronica asks him how he knew Meg and her parents.

Keith goes on a series of blind dates at Java the Hut. Keith looks like he has found what he was searching for when the third lady he meets reveals that she works in a doctor's office.

Veronica and Keith learn that both Dick and Beaver has large insurance policies taken out on them 3 days after their father married Kendall.

Logan and Wallace also work together on a school project.