Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The OC 4.06 Spoilers

This episode should air in December.

Kaitlin happens to walk passed a water polo match at Harbor and school hottie Eric Ward stops to talk to her. Kaitlin isn't too impressed and heads over to the bleachers. Some of the "in crowd" girls named Olivia and Leah are there and are in awe that Eric was talking to Kaitlin, who is very unthrilled by it all. The "in crowd" queen Riley stops by and tells Olivia and Leah to help her with her party planning or else they won't be invited. Once Riley leaves Kaitlin asks the girls why they put up with Riley and they say that its because they want to go to the coolest party in the school and stay in the cool crowd. Kaitlin says whatever and goes to smoke a joint under the bleachers.

As Kaitlin is happily puffing away under the bleachers she overhears Riley handing out her invitations. To their surprise, Leah and Olivia are not invited because Riley feels that they did not to a good enough job on the invitations. Kaitlin is disgusted and emerges to tell Leah and Olivia that they can come to her party. Riley isn't threatened, she proclaims to have the best party going in town with a rented out club, Danity Kane playing and the best sushi chef in town. Kaitlin says she has beer, weed and an empty house so whoever wants a real party can come to her house.

Later on at the Cooper house Kaitlin has some friends over and Olivia tells her to kiss Connor even though he is dating Riley. Once the pair get into Kaitlin's bedroom she comes on strong to Connor but he backs away. Kaitlin asks if its about Riley and Connor says no. Kaitlin finally gets Connor to kiss her but she decided it wasn't that great of a kiss and that Connor is gay.

At the end of the evening Riley arrives at the Cooper doorstep and says that nobody came to her party after all and concedes her reign over the school to Kaitlin. Then Kaitlin says she's not interested and tells Riley she can stay queen of the school but just to trest people better in the process.

Kirsten and Julie are still in business together with Newmatch the dating service. A client Pam comes to meet them and expresses her displeasure with the same type of men she has been set up with. Kirsten and Julie promise to find someone exciting for Pam. The next day we find out that Pam had a very good time and will be telling everyone about Newmatch.

Julie, Sandy and Kirsten are with some guy named Gordon Bullit. A justice of the peace shows up and says he is there for Kirsten and Sandy to renew their vows. Sandy is confused and Kirsten says maybe Gordon is up to something.

Summer walks in on a naked Roger hiding in the sheets looking for Taylor. Roger says Taylor is not there and he was only pretending to like Taylor. Summer listens to Roger's story but isn't so sure Taylor isn't close by.

Seth and Summer also talk to some guy named Dalton who dresses like a butler and a guy named Winchester.