Thursday, November 09, 2006

What About Brian 2.10 Spoilers

This episode should air early 2007.

Brian is at some sort of real estate business seminar run by an evangelist named Martin when he spots a woman named Bridget. Later on Brian thinks that Bridget was set up to get close to him for some reason and leaves. Its apparent that they did have chemistry however.

Dave is with Adam at a strip club and gets attention from a woman named Anastasia. Adam is still involved with Heather. Dave is developing another game called "Life Sucks".

Deena is dating a musician named TK. Later on everyone is at the hospital because Nicole is ready to have the baby. The nurse informs Dave and Deena that they have been the two that Nicole requested to be at her side when she delivers the baby. Dave and Deena argue about who should really be the one to go in because they don't want to go together. Inside the room a nurse is talking to Nicole who says that she is cold and asks to the nurse to get her some socks from her bag. Inside the bag he nurse finds some men's tube socks and a soccer ball. Nicole realizes Dave picked up the wrong bag by mistake but then picks up Angelo's jersey and holds it lovingly.

As Nicole is being wheeled into the delivery room, Dave and Deena are still fighting about who has the right to be at Nicole's side. Lost in the argument Dave and Deena finally notice that Nicole is gone and none of their other friends are around. The orderly tells them that neither of them are going into the delivery room per Nicole's orders.