Saturday, October 21, 2006

The OC 4.09 Spoilers

This episode should air early in 2007.

It appears Seth and Summer are in some sort of tiff again as Ryan encourages Seth to talk to Summer and tell her how he feels.

Kaitlin is in class with Brad and Eric listening to a book report by some new kid named Will. Kaitlin is less than impressed because Will is sucking up to the teacher. Its Kaitlin's turn to give her oral book report and Kaitlin explains that because the book is about a dog that her book report will contain only dog sounds and proceeds to bark "ruff". The teacher says that she's heard enough and dismisses class but asks Kaitlin to stick around. The teacher tells Kaitlin that she is not happy and that Kaitlin is failing the class. The good news is that she'll give Kaitlin another chance but that she's asking Will to help Kaitlin.

The next day its Kaitlin's turn to redo her book report as she confesses to Eric and Brad that she just asked Will to do the book report for her. However once Kaitlin gets to the front of the class, she realizes that Will had given her note cards with only the words "woof" on them. Kaitlin realized she has been played but decides to give it a shot anyhow.