Thursday, October 19, 2006

Amazing Race 11: All Stars?

Rumor has it that the next season of the Amazing Race will be another one of CBS's all-star editions. Among those who have signed on for a return trip around the world are cousins Charla and Mirna as well as Colin and Christie. Once filming gets underway in November it will onyl be a matter of time before confirmation and the entire cast list will be revealed. Stay tuned!

Update on 10.26.06:

More information is beginning to pur out about the All-Stars cast. While none of it can be confirmed, loose lips are talking and in this case it so happens to be from jilted former contestants that did not get asked to do the All-Stars edition. Winners of the 5th season Chip and Kim were not impressed that they were not contacted about the All-Star season and expressed that season 1 winners Brendan and Rob as well as season 6's controversial couple Victoria and Jonathan (thank goodness) will not be participating. Season 9 winners BJ and Tyler are also a bit miffed that they were not asked to do the All-Stars season and claimed its unfair becuase they were the most popular pair of all time. Other teams that got called out in these mini rants are season 7's Lynn and Alex, Brian & Greg, as well as Rob & Amber. While none of the jilted pairs confirmed any races in their rant, it is interesting to see who they mentioned and alluded to being favored over them.

I might be the only person in the world excited about the prospect of Rob and Amber coming back to the race. I think their strategy and game play was fascinating to watch. Lynn and Alex would be fun too because they were halarious. I'd like to see some of the older teams come back like season 1's Drew & Kevin and season 2's Danny & Oswald. But nobody asked me!