Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Survivor 13 Episode 3 Spoilers

Last week's spoilers were not that great but to make up for it I hope these are juicy!

At the beginning of the episode the tribes will learn that they will be merged into two tribes. The blue team will be called Rarotonga and includes Adam, Brad, Cristina,
Jenny, JP, Parvati, Nathan, Stephannie, and Rebecca. The red team will be called Aitutaki and includes Becky, Candice, Cecilia, Cowboy, Flicka, Jonathan, Ozzy, Sundra and Yul. The tribes become separated by a random selection of balloons.

The immunity challenge is a recycled one from Palau, you know the one where the two teams run in a continuous circle while carrying weights in order to catch up and "tag" the other team. The Rarotonga (blue) team wins this challenge.

Unfortunately not a lot is known about the exilee or bootee this week but it is speculated that the one who gets the boot is Flicka who fails to make strong friends with anyone on her new tribe.