Sunday, August 27, 2006

Detailed Gilmore Girls Spoilers

I have posted all the episodic Gilmore Girls spoilers but I have found a great synopsis of the first 5 episodes and want to share it all here with you. I know some of it will repeat what I have posted but there is a lot of information not previously posted. Enjoy!

7.01: Taylor's Thunderbird gets driven though the diner by Kirk. As a result, the diner is in pretty bad shape. Luke attempts to talk to Lorelai and make amends but she tells him about her night with Christopher. They decide to officially break up. Lorelai and Rory play racquetball in order to keep their minds off of guy trouble. Lorelai has an emotional breakdown as she begins to throw away her Luke things.

7.02: Luke is very upset and ends up getting in a fist fight with Christopher and has a argument with Lorelai in the town square. Kirk opens a replica of Luke's diner and pretends to be him by dressing up as Luke. Zach and Lane find out she got pregnant on their honeymoon!

7.03: Emily is involved with a cotillion as Rory and Lorelai attend. Lorelai begins to rethink he life choices, specifically when she left home at 16. Luke has a reopening party at the diner with Anna and April as Lorelai watches from afar. Lorelai finds comfort in Christopher.

7.04: Rory meets a couple new girls at a Yale art show. Richard will become a guest lecturer at Yale. Christopher and Lorelai go on a date at a drive in movie theater. Things are going well until Christopher suggests going back to his place. Just as Lorelai tries to get out of the situation, she gets a phone call about Emily being arrested for talking on the phone while driving.

7.05: Rory goes to visit Logan in London. Things are awkward because Rory does not feel like she fits in. Rory also has to deal with an attractive female colleague of Logan's named Bobby. Lorelai and Christopher have Friday night dinner at the Gilmore house but Lorelai is less than pleased with Christopher.

7.06: It seems that Lorelai and Christopher go to France as they encounter many French people and are clearly a fish out of water attempting to communiate with them.

Other details: Something will happen to get Logan back to the US by the middle of the season. Luke also abandons the blue baseball hat that Lorelai gave him years ago and instead wears a new black one. Lorelai and Christopher's romance will not last long. There will also be a Marty sighting!