Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Big Amazing Race All-Stars Spoiler

So the Amazing Race All-Satrs edition is about to wrap filming and while I do not know the identity of the final 3, I have uncovered a huge spoiler regarding who some of the final teams will be. You have been warned because this will reveal quite a bit of information!

Ok, now that we got the disclaimer out of the way, I can tel lyou that 4 of the final 5 teams were spotted in Malaysia over the weeked. Photographed evidence shows that those teams are Charla/Mirna (cousins), Danny/Oswald (season 2), Dustin/Kandice (beauty queens) and a new hybrid team of Eric/Danielle who were one of the alpha males and "double d's" a couple seasons ago and are now a couple. Word is also that the 5th team was an African-American couple who were behind the pack.

Regarding the route, it sounds like the teams went to Ecuador, Argentina, perhaps Antactica (fingers crossed), South Africa, Poland, and now Malaysia. If they are doing the 7 continents theme then there probably is only time to visit Australia before heading back to North Ameirca for the finale.

Stay tuned for more updates and especially when CBS officially releases the cast and the premiere date is announced, suposedly February. I can't wait!