Sunday, April 02, 2006

Desperate Housewives 2.22 Spoilers

This episode will air in May, 2006. Desperate Housewives will have 24 episodes this season.

Gabrielle is on an airplane and is trying to make a call on her cell phone after having a few mini bottles of vodka. The flight attendant and the people sitting around her keep telling Gabrielle to turn it off. Gabrielle uses the excuse that her husband is cheating on her and she needs to give him hell. Bree buys a bottle of champagne for a special occasion. Bree also talks to a woman who says she saw Andrew at the homeless shelter. It also appears that Danielle is going to be trying for cheerleading. Two new characters Jeannie and Hannah, who are mother and daughter, talk over playing cards. Those two new characters will be back in the fall for season 3 and appears to be part of the next mystery. Another housewife, possibly Susan or Edie, goes to the doctor complaining of morning sickness. There is a flashback to when Edie's house burned down and she has a disagreement with the insurance adjuster.

updated 4.5.06