Monday, April 03, 2006

The OC Episode 3.24 Spoilers

This episode will air in May, 2006.

The episode begins right where 3.23 ended. It appears that Ryan just beat up Volchok on prom night that left Volchok unconscious. Ryan ends up carrying Volchok to his van and driving him to the hospital. At the hospital, Volchok wakes up just as Ryan is about to confess as to what happened. Volchok ends up covering for Ryan but tells him they have unfinished business and to meet him the next day. It then appears that Ryan gets roped in to helping Volchok pull off some scheme as repayment for the beating.

Sandy is continuing to have problems with the hospital project. Sandy has Matt's files and is getting calls from Griffith. Sandy has a difficult decision to make if we wants to keep going with the hospital project or to do the right thing.

Kirsten is still worried about the effect Sandy's situation has on the family. Later we discover that Kirsten is drinking again. Seth finds the evidence and knows that Kirsten has fallen off the wagon. Seth does not initially say anything. Instead, Seth goes into his room and considers smoking pot again.

Marissa goes to visit Kaitlin at her boarding school. Turns out Kaitlin is having problems with a boy named Trevor who is a descendent from the boarding school founder. Marissa, Kaitlin and a friend from boarding school named Hadley hatch a plan to get back at Trevor. It turns out that Marissa is pretending to be a stripper and seduces Trevor to help Kaitlin retrieve something from his room.

It appears that Seth and Summer are hanging out again, possibly they are back together. Ryan and Marissa are friends again too.

The episode ends with cops pulling up to the Yacht club. Ryan thinks they are coming after him, possibly for what he did with Volchok. Instead, it is Seth who the cops take into custody. There was a fire at the Newport Group and they think Seth is the culprit.