Thursday, April 06, 2006

List of Summer 2006 Premiere Dates

As a companion to my list of spring finale dates, I'll start a post on the list of summer premiere dates. Keep checking back because I will update once I find more.

May 25 (Thursday): So You Think You Can Dance 2
May 29 (Monday): RW/RR Fresh Meat Challenge
May 30 (Tuesday): Last Comic Standing, Rescue Me
June 8 (Thursday): Windfall
June 11 (Sunday): Deadwood, Entourage, The 4400
June 12 (Monday): The Closer, Hell's Kitchen
June 13 (Tuesday): Fear Factor
June 18 (Sunday): Treasure Hunters
June 21 (Tuesday): America's Got Talent, Big Brother Special
June 29 (Thursday): Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia
July 5 (Wednesday): Rock Star
July 6 (Thursday): Big Brother
July 7 (Friday): Monk
July 12 (Wednesday): Project Runway 3
July 17 (Monday): Weeds
July 18 (Tuesday): The Contender 2
July 26 (Wednesday): 30 Days
August 28 (Monday): Prison Break, Vanshied
September 19 (Tuesday): Nip/Tuck

Updated 4.10.06, 4.26.06, 5.05.06, 5.12.06, 5.23.06, 6.11.06